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Smurth Street #5 - Athletic FAQs

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

T-Bird Nation! I hope y'all are staying positive, while testing negative! : )  Oh, what a fall it has been on campus. In a way, even without competition, it has been busier than ever as we prepare for winter and a "double-spring" event schedule. Our STUDENT > athletes have recently finished up mid-terms and now look to the final stretch of their academic semester.  Athletically, we are finalizing our plans with local, state and conference officials on how to host our winter + spring sports safely. There is no gameplan for how to operate during a global pandemic and we are having daily conversations on how to maximize the STUDENT > athlete experience at SUU. Our SA's and their education will always be our number one priority as a department.  Lastly, I wanted to provide a few answers to some questions that have come our way over the last few weeks.  Q: Were fall sports at SUU canceled? A: Fall sports were NOT canceled but postponed to the spring. Schedules, once finalized, will be released. There will be plenty of events for you to attend as we are jam-packing a fall schedule into an already busy spring schedule. Hence, the "double-spring" event schedule. Q: When will we know the basketball season schedule?  A: The Big Sky announced recently our conference basketball schedule. In case you missed it, here are SUU's basketball schedules. The non-conference games are still very much fluid as some conferences haven't finalized their own scheduling. It is not ideal, but once it is all finalized, we will try to get information to you as quickly as possible in regards to ticketing for these events. It will all happen very quickly. Please visit or for future news releases.  Q: I see information about "Thor's Virtual Auction," when is it and how can I participate? A: Our virtual auction is officially underway and runs through Saturday, November 7th. The auction site is and is FREE to register. We have over 75+ items for you to bid on. 100% of the proceeds will go towards our Thunderbird Scholarship Fund.  Q: How is Debbie doing? A: Debbie is doing well in her recovery from surgery earlier this year. She has felt your prayers, good vibes and support. The best way to reach out to her is via e-mail. She remains in constant contact with her medical staff and is working virtually full-time. Debbie is an absolute rockstar and once cleared from her medical staff will return to campus. There is no more loyal of a Thunderbird than Debbie!  As always, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns you may have. Go T-Birds!

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