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Smurth Street #4: Homecoming, Basketball and More!

It's "Homecoming Week" at Southern Utah University! We have a wide variety of events hosted by our excellent alumni association found here. As an alum of Southern Utah University, I encourage you to take part in "virtually" in at least one event during homecoming. In many ways, this is a once-in-a-lifetime homecoming. There are many events occurring this week, inclusive of a 5k and a shoebox parade. 

On the athletic side, we all wish we were gearing up for multiple home athletic events culminating in our homecoming football game. Our STUDENT > athletes are staying busy with a full swing of workouts, practices, classes and social distancing! Last week, we went around and found some STUDENT > athletes in-between classes or gearing up to study in the library. I think we can say we found them in their natural habitat---being students! I'll attach some photos and also we will periodically post them on our blog at throughout the semester. In other news, we do have a concrete start date (November 25th) from the NCAA for college basketball to begin competition. Scheduling is still fluid and as information becomes final, we will make sure it's posted online and/or in your inbox.

Lastly, in the next week, we will be announcing our first-ever virtual scholarship auction event. "Thor's Scholarship Auction," will be held on October 28th - November 7th. Bidding will all be online and registration will be complimentary. As I am still relatively new, I don't have access, nor know much about previous year auction items, I wanted to ask--> If you or your work are willing to donate an item, service, gift certificate, stay, etc. please let me know! All proceeds will go to support our Thunderbird Scholarship Fund (TSF). 

Thanks for being a T-Bird!

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