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Smurth Street #4: Buonasera dall'italia!

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

T-Bird Family:

I wanted to introduce you to one of the student-athletes you are supporting by being involved with the Thunderbird Athletic Foundation. Elisa Lago, is a senior from Chioggia, Italy. She is excelling in the classroom and is on pace to graduate this upcoming year in Biology. This may come as a surprise to you, but her favorite food is pizza. We can't confirm if that's American or Italian Pizza, but either way, we are pleased to have her part of our Cedar City family. 

Click here to see a special message from Elisa. 

------ UPDATE on DEBBIE CORUM: We are happy to report that Debbie is receiving great care from her physicians, children and grandchildren. The overall prognosis is promising and we are all anxious for her return. At this time, rest and recovery are the most important things she can do. To assist her in resting, we ask that all communication and other positive messaging be done via email. This will allow Debbie the ability to look at the messages when she is feeling up to it, without hindering her ability to have effective communication with her health care team.  Debbie is very appreciative of all the support and well wishes she has received. She loves her SUU family and is excited to get back to her routine. Debbie is a rockstar and truly is an example to myself, our staff, university and community.

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