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Thunderbird Family:

As spring turns into summer, our focus within our department turns to Fall preparation. Our staff has been working around the clock to improve the student>athlete experience. As COVID is still prevalent, we have had to put our coaches' hat on to gameplan for an unknown future. However, we are optimistic that the fall will bring students and lights on future Saturday nights at Eccles Coliseum. 

In the coming days, our annual fund information will be sent out primarily digitally. We will have some hard copies sent, but have found savings in trying to move more online. We apologize our donor website has not been updated in a while, but our team has brought it up to date. We've also purchased HELPSUU.COM and FLYWITHSUU.COM for donor information. The former will be our main fundraising page and the latter our direct giving page. I will be available to answer any questions you may have in regards to the annual fund or about the upcoming athletic year. 

Our fundraising efforts will be focused on "flying together." In this upcoming year, we will face many new challenges. We know our coaches, staff, and student>athletes' ability will help us reach new heights. As we are taxing out to the runway for our departure, we see many opportunities on the horizon as an athletic department. There will be great views and some turbulence along the way, but we promise that the destination will be worth it.

We are happy you will be with us on this journey. Buckle up--we are about to take off.

Together We Fly, Fly With SUU.

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