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Corum's Corner: #4 - A Message from Debbie Corum

Thunderbird Family:

Thank you for all the prayers, positive thoughts, emails and cards over the last few months. I continue to feel your love and support during this challenging time as I’m recovering from surgery. I have received a good prognosis from doctors and they were successful in removing the cancerous mass from my lung. I am back in Cedar City, resting for a few weeks, before I ease into the swing of athletic department activities. During the time I was away, I thought often of the SUU family; the student-athletes, coaches, and staff, and of you, the people who support this program with such big hearts. I am so thankful to be a part of this community and I truly wouldn’t want to be dealing with this challenging time with any other group of people. I am looking forward to being back at full-strength and dedicate my time and energy to improve Southern Utah University. 

Southern Utah University will be open for on-campus classes on September 9, and will be providing a flexible opportunity between on-line and in-person education for students. We are cautiously optimistic that fall sports will also be returning. However, the situation is fluid. Many factors will be considered, the primary one being the health of our student-athletes, the student body, coaches and administrative staff, as well as the community. In the end, we hope we can move forward in good conscience with all fall sports. 

A silver lining to the pandemic is that it has helped many of us prioritize what's most important in our lives. The same outcome has occurred on our campus and within our athletic department. “Student” will always come before “athlete” at SUU. Everything we do is based on improving their experience and helping them gain an education. Our number one priority in fundraising is scholarships, which enables us to provide a quality education. If we have major adjustments to our fall schedule, we estimate losses of up to $650,000. Yet we still will have a fiduciary responsibility to pay for scholarships and other vital operations. COVID-19 has placed us in a difficult position.

Now, more than ever, we need your help. You have the capability to make a difference in a young person’s life. Please consider supporting a student-athlete by donating to SUU’s athletic program, or renewing your membership from previous years. 

Again, thank you for all that you do for Southern Utah Athletics. I love Cedar City and this institution. I fully support President Wyatt and the leadership and guidance he is providing. I am blessed to be surrounded by great people every day and look forward to the time when SUU student-athletes are back on the field, court and floor, representing the Thunderbird Family to the best of their abilities.  

Stay Safe! Storm the Sky!

Debbie Corum

Athletic Director

Southern Utah University

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